Souvenir shop LAURA–TOUR in "Krasnaya Polyana" resort
Area: 50 sq.m
Date: 2018
Team: Maria Ksenofontova, Anna Romaschenko
The souvenir shop is situated in one of the hotels if the Krasnaya Polyana resort. It appeared as a result of a merger of a small travel agency and an impromtu authentic goods shop.
The goal of the project design was to place efficiently shop fittings and equipment (storage units, shelves and crates) and a fitting room in a small area. The area was visually widened due to the contrast: the opposing walls are light and the exit wall is dark-grey, creating the effect of the volume and depth. Bright, juicy colours of the furniture (an armchair, a table, crates) were used as a style accent. We managed to add several ironic methods, for example, the rack in the fitting room resembles a shower system. An interesting design of the entrance space imitates a separate entrance from the street: fencing, ornamental hedge, and one wall is covered with posters with the Sochi views. Here is also a shelving unit styled as a street step-ladder.
As a result, the souvenire shop became attractive and distinctive.
Sochi, 15a Vinogradnii lane