Private apartments in Sochi
Area: 127 sq.m
Apartment for a young man or mannish coziness.
Date: 2022
Team: Maria Ksenofontova
The colour scheme includes calm, neutral colours: grey, ranging from the colour of the quartz sand to a deep shade, and warm beige. The main element in finishing is walnut veneer covered with the transparent oil of light tones. The main colours of the interior are set off by a milky-white elegant sofa in the living room and a carpet.
The living room is equipped with a ceiling fan, which is an ideal as well as laconic solution for an apartment in the warm climate. The headboard of the bed is finished with the leather, as well as the cushions - decently and mannishly.
The lights are worth mentioning, too. Within the agreed style, conventional lustres were substituted by ceiling spotlights and for the local illumination - table reading lamps.
The young man wished to redecorate his first own dwelling to his taste.
The goal was to make the apartment cozy, but from the me’s point of view.
We chose a free layout with a circular movement, which helps rationally use the space.
It is symbolically zoned, for example, the kitchen united with the living room is isolated from the bedroom with the drapes. In the corridor there is a walkthrough wardrobe.
The second critical decision was concerning the style and the colours. We decided on the modern style with a great deal of minimalism.
The apartment has a distinct austere male character, but is friendly and welcoming at the same time.
Sochi, 15a Vinogradnii lane