Restaurant Mamai-Cale
area: 2 he
Mamai-Calé – is a space for a luxurious relaxation on the territory of the Sochi National Park. The scenic forest area hosts: a restaurant, a vine bar, open terraces and pavilions, a cinema-bar and a fresh-water swimming pool. The interior and the cuisine as well as servicing - have been though through for you to immerse in the atmosphere of the premium recreation in the midst of wild life.
Date: 2015-2020
An example is the design of the Mohora fine dining restaurant.
The room is light-filled, the effect created thanks to the pastel finishing of the walls. A lot of light and air comes through the triangular panoramic windows, decorated with pleated drapes. Light fixtures and lusters by Eichholtz are in colonial style, handmade from transparent glass with brass trimming. The key lighiting is brass system AUROOM with accent light - lamps LOCUS.
Furniture upholstered with fabric or leather (Eichholtz) hints on British or Dutch neo-classical design, making the space magnificent. Accessories include, here o there, figures of exotic animals, statues, of course, and lots of greens in the painted vases. Most importantly, the key element is not lost among the abundance of the designer techniques: the space is very hospitable and inviting to communicate. The fireplace, finished with natural stone contributes to it greatly.
This project if very interesting since the format of the establishment is a country club, which meant the design of not only the indoor interiors but also of the outdoor space.
The complex includes a full-scale fine dining restaurant, vine and cinema bars, pavilions and terraces by the stream and a swimming pool.
Clever zoning of the territory allowed to show the beauty of the splendid plants in all their glory and blend the Complex’s facilities into the context, work by landscape designer Anna Tesheva. This land is special, it’s steeped in history. And the design had to marry these base data. The colonial architecture, which combines Колониальный стиль, где сочетаются good old-fashioned classics, ethnicity and contemporaneity, proved to be optimal.
General impression of the design: Durable, expensive, complimented with bright accents.
Cinema-bar is completely different story. This is an open space for the warm season with armchairs, throws and a screen. The setting clearly indicates that the guests are going to enjoy watching a film while having a juicy burger with wine or beer. The neon sign, lots of wood and other natural materials create the atmosphere of impressive welfare and coziness, inviting to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. To heighten the ‘at Home’ feeling, the walls of one corner of the bar were decorated with genuine furs.
BORDO EXPRESS takes us to the world of wine, the bar boasts a collection of four thousand brands from all over the world, and the bar basement has a wine cellar. The space is finished with a lot of wood, and, among other materials are aged glass and granite. Several mirrors visually stretch this room widening its borders. A wall sconce at the entrance and brass on the sign greet the guests, these details add somewhat joyous elegancy. All the bar furniture was delivered from Holland. Status colours - black, dark-grey, English green and chocolate prevail, and the air is filled with the aroma of wine and coffee.
Mamai-Calé houses two absolutely different bars.
The country club territory is naturally zoned by the stream along which are located individual terraced pavilions styled as full-scale living rooms with expensive furniture, ceiling fans and lamps with real candles. The swimming pool with the pool-house and a little children’s playground are situated nearby. The entrance space is worth mentioning. A huge leopard figure is on display here. This animal is the symbol of the Sochi National Park and, now, of the country club as well. Large-scale, unexpected, elegant and hospitable - all these is the club Mamai-Cale.
Big space and unconventional tasks required maximum synergy from the team, working on the project. As a result the project found its own identity and style.
Project team
Elena Mikshis
Main visionary and concept maker
Maria Ksenofontova
Chief architect
Anna Tesheva
Landscape design
Viacheslav Ksenofontov
Construction and finishing works
Vladimir Ksenofontov
Project implementation
Anna Romaschenko Aleksandr Belyaev
Sochi, 15a Vinogradnii lane