Apartment in Residence "Red Square"
Area: 130 sq.m
Cocktail version of a dwelling is hardly a widespread variant on Russia, however, this very fact makes it so interesting.
Date: May 2021 - September 2022
Team: Maria Ksenofontova, Anna Romaschenko, Aleksandr Belyaev
In joint decision (the client took an active part in the work) sleek eclectic style was chosen. To begin with, we cleverly planned the light. The space has a lot of direct and additional light. The light fixtures are sophisticated, an example is the lamp by Masiero.
The apartment itself is airy, panoramic windows were initially planned by the constructor, the facade of the building has the largest surface of the panoramic glazing in the city. It felt airy, light, dynamic. A spectacular example is the master bedroom, which was designed with the dawn view, so both the light and the colour scheme differ, depending on the hour of the day.
Apartment for cocktails? Why yes!
Design details of an apartment in Residence Red Square, Sichi.
A cocktail dress compared with an evening gown is always perceived rather as a charming but intermediate choice.
A new project by designer Maria Ksenofontova, an apartment in Residence Red Square, is cocktail in its functionality. This is not the only accomodation of the owners, they plan to live here occasionally. For example, to drop in after the theatre, to avoid commuting to their country house, or to spend some time in a warm family circle.
The panoramic apartment is situated in a big house in the city center with the view to the sea. The area of 130 sq.m allows to try some new ingenious design, to play with the space.
Artistic beauty, typical of glamour, is achieved by decorating the apartment with paintings, which makes the space more individual as well. A piece by a French artist Christian Evans welcomes us in the hall, and the living room and the bedroom walls house the paintings by another French artist Naen. The pieces by these artists both belong to the abstract movement, they leave room for imagination and encourage the viewer to “dream the dreams where one dreams what they wish”. The guest room has some pieces of art as well: the paintings by the local artist Igor Maksimenko. He plays with the colours and texture, inspired by the work of Durer.
The other center is that of piece and relaxation, it houses the master bedroom with adjoining spacious bathroom with the shower. According to Maria Ksenofontova, it turned out to be really luxurious with a very comfortable triangular shower unit. A compact guest room with additional sleeping places is cozily located between the living room and the bedroom.
The apartment has two centers - one is that of activity and communication with a spacious living room united with the kitchen and the dining area, armchairs with a coffee table and a bar counter. Each furniture set forms its own mini space and naturally zones the area.
The floor-plan itself is rather irregular, radial, but the designer managed to make use of every square metre.
As per the clients’ wish, the finishing was made with a great deal of porcelain stoneware, even the floor is made from this material. To make the apartment cozy, we selected classy soft velour wallpaper by Tiffany Designs series Egoist, thus compensating the floor covering.
Furniture is in similar style. The living room’s mood is created by the furniture set by Epoque, a sofa by Pirite finished with unbuckle and an armchair Singapore. The factory fashionably brings together classic and art-deco, baroque and neo-classic styles. The table by Bonaldo with the rounded ceramic tabletop and its ornately shaped legs manifests the rigour of the modern style and the homeyness, and is complimented by the bar stools and chairs of the same brand.
ТThe point of attraction in the bedroom is the bad in the Oriental style, finished with the fabric in warm beige shades, Mandarine by FLOU. The upholstered furniture in the guest room is created by the Italian craftsmen of the famous brand Natuzzi Italia.
The kitchen unit is unostentatious, but worthy, by the factory Aster. All the furniture is unique.
Sanitary porcelain is by Noken and Villeroy&Boch.
The harmony of the finishing materials, furniture matching the style, and, of course paintings and decor allowed to create a sleek eclectic style and design the apartment as expensive, somewhat Bohemian, rather fit for frequent visits than everyday living. Just like a cocktail dress.
Sochi, 15a Vinogradnii lane